Why I Do Not Believe in Manifestation Workshops

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Back in December, I hosted a sound bath for intention setting for the New Year. During this workshop, I mentioned is that I don’t believe in giving manifestation workshops. This surprised many of my students, but I don’t believe in doing events that have to do with manifestation.  

But keep reading! There is a good reason behind this: I DO believe in manifestation, but NOT in the conventional sense. The reason why I don’t do these workshops is because in general, we are manifesting from a place of fear. I’ve done this in my own past experiences, and I’ve seen a lot of people do the same thing. .. 



For instance, say you create a vision board and you want to manifest this beautiful relationship – something that’s respectful, connected, and loving. This is what you think you really want, but maybe you have past relationships that triggered you. Maybe there is something that has happened in your past, like you didn’t have a good relationship with a family member, and you haven’t let that go yet. So, you haven’t been able to find the relationships you are looking for because you’ve had these blockages inside, from the past.  You’re wanting this outside relationship to make it all better.  


Another example is that you want that vacation, or you want that job to make you feel ok. You’re using the outside world to fix your inner problems.   

When I personally started to recognize this in myself, my mind was blown because I realized that when I would do these manifestations practices, I was getting stressed out.  I identified something that I thought I wanted to happen, and I’ve been waiting for it to happen. I’ve been trying to relax and let the universe unfold but my mind was not in the right place.  

So, there is a safe place to manifest from, but it is from a place of abundance.  How can we access that?

What I found in my own experience with this practice is that first, we must do the inner work to release the blockages.   

(If you don’t know what blockages are, refer to my last blog post!) 

Question why you need that relationship. What is inside of you that you haven’t let go of yet that’s been making your heart heavy? Why do you need that relationship to feel complete? 

Why do you need a vacation? What are you escaping from? 

Why do you need that job?  What is something inside of you that needs to be validated?   


So, when you start really move into this inner world of why do I need this outside world, you start to notice the blockages that were inside, the things you haven’t yet processed. When you start doing the inner work, you start to discover the things you have not processed, the things that can be triggers and what you need inside. As you start to work deeply on yourself and opening up to these different energies that have been stuck, energy starts flowing.  

As life unfolds in front of you and whatever triggers you bring up a blockage, you continue to work you let go, continue to purify. This will be a continuous work in progress, I promise you! It’s ongoing, which actually makes life pretty fun – to continue to be able to work on these things and allow life to help you work through things I even realize you held on to.  

As you start to purify yourself through life and all this experiences, you start to energy flow in a different way than it used to. You start these to be open to life and the way it is unfolding.  You start to connect with this higher self inside, this part of you that’s always open and receptive to the unfolding of life, to life itself. You start to step in his place of flow. 

As you step into the space of flow, you start to connect with your authentic self. Not the self that needed that job. Not the self that needed that vacation. Not the self that needed that relationship. The you, the true you, that has always been there trying to express itself becomes clear.  

You had all these blockages, but as you do the inner work, these blockages are released. Your authentic self can come up and THAT’s where you can manifest from! That’s where life will meet you and it will assist you to live out your purpose. This is when you can connect to this higher self.   

There is a quote in The Alchemist that says that when you really want something, the entire universe will conspire help you get it. When you, the higher you that’s open to life and it’s unfolding (not the part of you that that couldn’t handle the things in life that created blockages), the all the universe will conspire to help you get what you want. You get to live out your life’s purpose! You are continuing to work on your blockages as life unfolds and it’s very different from manifesting from a place of fear. 

the alchemist - manifestation

So, when I say I don’t believe in manifestation, I do but, it is in a different sense. 

I would love to hear your comments! I love to hear different perspectives on what you think, your personal experiences with this, and how you feel about this.  

From my heart to yours,