mr̥du-madhya-adhimātratvāt-tato’pi viśeṣaḥ

mridu = mild
madhya = moderate
adhimaatra = strong
tataah = from these
api = also
viseshah = types

TRANSLATION: The intense passion towards detachment and practice are classified into three kinds as mild, moderate and strong.

Patanjali expresses in this Sutra, how desire is an important element to overcoming the mind and all of its modifications. He describes that there are three levels of desire.

The mild practitioners are those that are interested in exploring the possibility of overcoming the mind. They are easily distracted from the task when the idea of the fear of failure arises. These are like daydreamers.

The moderate aspirants start off very enthusiastic. However, they deter from the course when obstacles arise and the fire of desire will extinguish easily and can quickly go to disappointment.

The strong aspirants are ones that see the goal and only see the goal and they will not stop until they achieve it, for this obstacle takes on all obstacles, including death. For these practitioners, overcoming the mind, and all its modifications are in arms reach.