Being on the spiritual path, I have come across two schools of thought of how to approach life spiritually:

1 – Manifest what you want through intention or;

2 – Surrender our preferences and honor what is being presented, stepping into the flow of life.



In the practice of manifestation, we are taught to visualize what we want and show gratitude as if it already happened. In these teachings, we are to continue with this and watch the magic unfold as we manifest our deepest desires. When we obtain what we wanted through the practice of manifestation, we will feel fulfilled. 

My question is: 

What part of our psyche is needing this manifestation to occur? And once we obtain it, will we no longer look for the next thing we would like to manifest?

When I practiced this, I found myself needing the next thing to feel complete. I took an internal investigation into what part of my personality is needing this manifestation.

  • Is it coming from societal influences?
  • Is it coming from my upbringing with lack of material wealth that didn’t like the feeling of lack?
  • Is it coming from the parts of my personality that hasn’t healed and thinks that once it has manifested my deepest desires, I will be happy?

There is nothing wrong to want what you want, but is it going to give you lasting peace that we seek along the spiritual path?


In the practice of surrender, we are taught to listen to what life is asking of us and to surrender our personal likes and dislikes, which has been shaped by past experiences. When we do this, we are allowing the higher intelligence (God, Unattached Love, Universal Love) to take the steering wheel, trusting in the divinity of life’s perfection. We still move in accordance with our Dharma, our life’s purpose, but we are trusting in the unfolding of life to guide us.

So, the question is, guide us to where? Maybe this is where we ask the question of what the meaning of life is.

One aspect of the spiritual path is that we look at our experience on this planet as an Earth school where our souls are here to evolve. We evolve beyond the personality and return home to the Atman, the true Self. This evolution can take you so far that the Self merges into the divine source, enlightenment.


Would manifestation take us there? Or the practice of surrender?

Would love to hear your take on this! Please share in the comments below!
Ayako DeRuby

Ayako DeRuby


“Prior to my practice of Yoga & Meditation, I was often companioned by Anxiety, Insecurity and Fear. I would use all sorts of substances to give me a false sense of confidence, easy to blame people and situations for emotional disturbances, and felt like a hamster in a turning wheel with no real direction. Yoga & Meditation were the tools I used to face these narratives, helping me find my true self. As the dark night sky helps us see the light of the stars, I was able to now see the light of who I was against the dark narrative of this false self. My rock bottom became my springboard to my highest potential.

I believe that we all have been blessed to walk this earth to wake up to our true selves. We have the potential to reach for our dreams and to let go of the narrative that holds us back.. we all have a guru inside leading us to greatness. All we need to do is quiet the narrative long enough to hear and feel the light of pure awareness and pure love. This is what Yoga & Meditation can do for you.”