Happy Winter Yogis!

November ends with a fantastical Full Moon in Gemini on Monday, November 27.

I’m calling this Full Moon in Gemini Chart ‘The Circus’ because of the giant T-Square drawn in red between the Sun, the Moon and Saturn all in mutable signs.

Mutable energy is very chameleon-like. People with a lot of mutability have an easy time adapting to and blending in with new environments, so on the plus side they tend to be easy-going.

Also, they have the most curiosity and big imagination of all the signs, so they bring fun and magic to every experience! Though with that may come a short attention span and becoming bored easily.

Now, mutability on its own is awesome, but in this chart our emotions (Saturn in Pisces), minds (Moon in Gemini) and heart-led ambition (Sun in Sagittarius) are each turned on fully and pulling in their own directions. Squares create tension between two or more parts of our being.

This Full Moon builds on Sunday and releases on Monday with the official Full Moon happening just after 3am CST.

You may feel extra stimulated today, like the volume is turned up to LOUD on everything internally.

This chart is like hosting a big party that gets a little out of control. It will be a blast during the party, but you may be left with a mild headache and bigger mess than expected to clean up in the morning.

There will be an illusionist at the circus advising you to drink the magical blue juice that boosts your IQ by 10 points shown by Mercury square Neptune. With Neptune, your intuition, still turned off, you can’t be certain of the benefits of the blue juice. Proceed with caution.

My advice is to make decisions with moderation in mind today.

You still have a month of Sag season left to take advantage of the Sun and Mars’ expansive and playful energy in this sign. Don’t blow it on the first Full Moon!

People with a lot of mutability in their natal birth charts will really feel this Full Moon (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini).

What to know until the New Moon on December 12…

Overall the energy should feel lighter and happier now that we are in Sag season. I call Sag energy golden retriever energy – very happy-go-lucky.

By Thursday, November 30 the energy of the Sun/Mars and Saturn square will ease up, so hopefully no more “Uh-ohs” like my car battery dying at the start of the square.

On Friday, December 1 Mercury moves into Capricorn which will help us make grounded, responsible decisions. Mercury in Capricorn is a no-nonsense secretary who keeps everything orderly and running on time. Best not be late!

On the weekend of December 2 the Moon in Leo will be a great weekend for fun social gatherings with friends.

December 2 through December 5 we have Venus squaring Pluto and it moves out of Libra into Scorpio. This transit will gift you opportunities to move out of your comfort zone and prove to yourself that you can handle the necessary effort to rise to your own next level. People with personal planets such as the Sun, Venus or Mars in late degrees of Aries or Libra will feel this transit the most. Squares usually don’t feel comfortable, but when you take action to move forward you will be rewarded!

Once Venus is fully in Scorpio, you may feel an extra boost to work longer hours and have an easier time focusing on your most important project. Scorpio energy is characterized by obsession, raw power and passion.

December 6 Neptune goes direct at 24° Pisces and our intuition will fully turn back on! Some of the fog should start to lift.

December 8 is a chart that stands out to me and I recommend you mark on your calendar.

This is the type of chart with so many exact alignments, I’d predict something extra special happening. Let’s examine it…

The Moon conjuncts Spica, a star of luck, good fortune and riches and quincunxes Neptune exactly creating opportunities for luck that may seem to appear out of nowhere. The Sun makes a positive aspect to Chiron, calling in opportunities for healing and finally, of the most notable aspects, Mars conjuncts the star Antares.

When Mars moves over a planetary body, it activates it.

Now yes, Antares is called The Great Red Giant and is associated with reptilians, turmoil and accidents, however, it is said to bestow upon its’ natives a sharp mind, bravery and will power. With the other aspects surrounding it, I see this conjunction as a power boost during an unexpected opportunity of good luck. 

December 8 also happens to be the first day of Hanukkah.

Let me know if anything fun or exciting happens to you this day!

In the next newsletter we’ll discuss the New Moon in Sagittarius, December’s Mercury Retrograde, Winter Solstice and the energy of Christmas Day.