How to Use Horoscopes

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Please enjoy the first of a new monthly blog series from Astrologer and The Alchemy Yoga Student, Kelly Kasle!

Happy September Yogis, When I’m working with clients, looking at daily horoscopes is actually the third and final step to use astrology in our daily lives. The first two steps are…

  1. Learn Your Natal Birth Chart because you will use your Natal Birth Chart in everything else you do with astrology.
  2. Learn How to Feel Energy and intuit signs and feelings about certain people, situations or opportunities. Practicing yoga, meditation or learning Reiki are all great practices to strengthen your intuition (all taught at The Alchemy Yoga!).

To utilize these monthly horoscopes most effectively, I recommend learning your birth chart.

Join me at The Alchemy Yoga Sunday, October 15 to see what deeper layers of self can be discovered by exploring your Astrology and Human Design birth charts.


Finally in Step 3, we start to use astrology as a guide and oracle for specific situations in life. This is where the real fun begins!

Daily horoscopes are based on where the planets are located on a particular day. The synthesis of the planets’ positions on any given day creates a particular energetic field that I equate to a landscape. One day might feel like being in a desert. The next a jungle. The next in the mountains on a cold snowy day.

Using daily horoscopes is the same as checking the weather and looking at terrain maps to know how to prepare to hike in a particular environment. Each environment requires different clothing, tools and survival skills. There are optimal times of the year to hike in each environment and other times where you would be miserable or possibly risking your life to make the hike.

How the daily energetic field affects you personally depends on how the energetic field interacts with your unique Natal Birth Chart. The energetic environment could make you feel agitated, at ease, fired up, stimulated, blissful, confident, crazy, social, tired, restless, etc.

The important thing to remember is…

How you RESPOND to the energy is ALWAYS your choice. On some days you will be able to utilize the energy positively towards your endeavors. Ride the energetic wave. Flow with the energy.

However, on some days you may need to choose activities to counter or neutralize the energy if it’s affecting you negatively.

Personally, I love to be prepared, so twice a year I sit down and look at the astrology for the next 6 months to predict how my life might change. I use the information to set up support in the areas of life I can predict will be affected and prepare accordingly.

In my experience as an astrologer, the big cycles and moments happen 100% of the time (even when you have no awareness of the charts). The intensity of how the moments manifest and if they turn out positive or negative depends on your level of awareness and how you respond.

After reading the monthly horoscope, I invite you to track how you feel on certain days and become more aware of your immediate circle of friend’s, family and co- worker’s overall mood and actions.

The first step in making changes in our lives is becoming more aware of self. Greater awareness allows more choice.

Stay tuned next week for the first Fall Horoscope.

Bless Your Beautiful Life,


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Kelly Kasle helps people navigate big life transitions and find their purpose using Astrology, Human Design and Meditation. 

Kelly discovered the power and wisdom of Astrology by using it to get through a huge life transition in September of 2020. Overnight, her whole life turned upside down with the unexpected passing of her father and COVID work mandates. Astrology helped her understand why this huge turning point happened and how to move through it with grace. 

While doing readings for friends for fun, she saw how many people were dealing with similar situations and realized her skills and wisdom as an Astrologer were more needed at this time in history than her musical talent. Prior to COVID she was based in Los Angeles and had a thriving career as a professional bassoonist, music educator and event producer. 

Big career transitions can be tough, but becoming a professional astrologer was fairly easy because she was already providing guidance and counseling to her artist clientele as a consultant and 11-18 yr old music students. In addition to all that astrology offers, her counseling is supported by her wisdom on universal spiritual principles, wholistic health, neuroscience, quantum physics and the habits of high achievers.

Find peace, happiness and fulfillment by being in tune with your soul. Your Natal Birth Chart (aka your Soul Blueprint) holds the keys and guidance to all of your questions.

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