Full Moon Sound Bath

In Harmony Full Moon Sound Bath with Kenny Kolter and Ayako DeRuby

Join Kenny Kolter and Ayako DeRuby for a special full moon sound bath collaboration! Bathe not only under the magic of the full moon, but also in energy of Kenny and Ayako’s high vibrational sounds.

Saturday, September 10 from 7-8:30pm. 

Kenny’s mix of gongs, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, chimes, and other instruments, and Ayako’s nurturing touch with the crystal and alchemy bowls will transport you into a state of deep, meditative, and relaxed state.

About Kenny

Kenny is a Sound Therapist with over 16 years of experience. His plethora of experience includes:

  • Reiki Master since 2017
  • 3,000 sound-based workshops
  • Received 2 consecutive contracts with the state of Illinois to facilitate sound healing on a weekly basis at the largest state mental health facility
  • Facilitated sound healing for Cancer Treatment Centers of America for 6 years

About Ayako

Ayako is a yoga and meditation teacher with over 10 years of experience:

  • 2012 received 200 RYT
  • 2013 received 500 RYT
  • Yearly 10-day Silent Vipassana Retreats since 2013
  • Facilitated sound healing since 2017
  • Sound healing mentorship with Jodi Roberts in 2018
  • Certified Meditation Teacher 2021 at BREATHE MEDITATION AND WELLNESS