Fall Eclipse Season Part 3 – Play-by-Play of October 14 – 28th & Dos and Donts for Halloween Weekend

Oct 14, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Saturday’s Solar Eclipse (aka New Moon) is happening in Libra with the South Node. We will see a lot of people arguing and trying to negotiate deals. This isn’t fair. That isn’t fair. But nothing will be resolved. The winners will be people who know exactly what they want and won’t back down until they get it (North Node in Aries).

Because Chiron is with the North Node, when you do start acting on your desires, you may feel like no one understands or no one shows up for you when you show up for them. 

Mars just moved into Scorpio and Pluto is back on, so thankfully our two power centers are back on! Think of this like upgrading from a 4 horsepower motor to an 8 horsepower motor.

On Sunday, October 15 emotions will be heightened with the Moon in Scorpio. The energy may feel like something is off but you can’t put your finger on it with the Sun quincunxing Uranus. Don’t push people’s buttons on purpose this day.

Monday through Wednesday (October 16th through the 18th) will feel very intense with the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun and then Mercury meeting with the South Node. Arguments will heat up. If possible, choose to be around people you strongly resonate with. 

For Example – Congress voting on a new Speaker. I would not be surprised if this vote gets dragged out until the Lunar Eclipse at the end of October because negotiations behind the scene will be dragged out.

(A Famous Case with Aries in Chiron and lots of Libra – Daniel Ellsberg – “Pentagon Papers” New York Times vs United States 1971)

Remember, Scorpio brings up what is hidden, secrets and personal qualities, actions or habits labeled as “abnormal” or “inappropriate” in society. Expect news stories about secrets being revealed. 

With any big decisions that come your way – make the decision that is best FOR YOU. The North Node in Aries teaches us to make decisions for ourselves. This is not the time for negotiating or taking everyone’s needs into consideration. If you are considering a situation where you are fighting for justice or equality, don’t do it – it won’t end well.

Make a decision when you feel a full body yes. Even if you know the steps ahead are going to be hard and you are under pressure, keep going. Pluto and Mars will support you. When the emotional weight gets tough, do what you need to do to release the emotions in a healthy way and then keep going.

With Mercury in Libra, do weigh out the pros and cons before you make a move. Don’t make decisions from a fantasy without any plan. Neptune in Pisces is a master at keeping people stuck in an illusion. You don’t want to end up stuck at the carnival. 

Mercury will move ahead of the Sun during this Eclipse Season, so it will start to send information before you have to make any big decisions.

Venus trines Jupiter on October 22 which should help ground us and uplift peoples’ emotions at least momentarily.

The BIG DAY I have marked on my calendar is October 24. The Sun moves into Scorpio and trines the Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces EXACTLY. These are the kind of huge alignments astrologers look for in charts that show up in history books. 

If you have been doing self development work, emotional and energy clean outs and following your intuition, gifts could start to come through around this time. You’ll start to know what needs to change or what decision to make.

If you have not done the work, the truth behind the illusional ideas you had during Libra season will come to light here.

The Lunar Eclipse happens on Saturday, October 28 of Halloween Weekend. As we discussed in Part 2, Lunar Eclipses burn away and release whatever no longer serves you.

Then on Sunday, BOOM! Mercury meets with Mars and opposes the Moon conjunct Jupiter (as seen in the chart above). 

Think of it this way… Taurus is surface level beauty and wealth. It’s slow. It wants security. It’s not emotional. It doesn’t want to go too deep.

Scorpio rules investments, intimacy and hard truth. It says to Taurus, “No no no. You’re using your looks to hide something you don’t want people to know. It’s time to tell them how you’re REALLY spending their money.”

The downside of Scorpio is someone saying, “In spite of you, I’m going to do this.”

The upside of Scorpio is, “Hey, I see your shadow. It’s okay. I accept ALL of you for who you are. I’m not going to shame you for it. Let’s integrate it.”

I see Halloween weekend as more revelatory information wise than event wise. Lilith (rebellious and feisty feminine energy) and Venus will conjunct and trine Uranus (the rebel), so the collective will find out some crazy news that no one could have ever predicted. How you respond to the information and what you do with the information will determine your life moving forward. 

On Monday, October 30 we will wake up with a Moon in Gemini, so everyone will be talking about the news.

Halloween will literally feel very spooky because of the changes happening in the world. 

I don’t see this news being THE financial collapse event. I don’t see that happening until the astrological alignments in February. However, I do predict that we will learn about the true state of the economy in the next month. The big news event could be an unexpected person becoming Speaker of the House or tied to an out-of-the-blue alliance between countries (in a war announcement?) that makes the most sense financially for both countries.