Fall Eclipse Season Part 2 – Understanding Eclipses

Oct 14, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

A Few Facts About Eclipses 

Eclipses happen in pairs twice a year – once in Spring / Summer and once in Fall / Winter. Occasionally we get three such as in the Summer of 2020.

We call it a Season because we pay attention to the the two weeks in between Eclipses.

This Fall we have a Solar Eclipse on October 14 and a Lunar Eclipse on October 28. 

For Solar Eclipses, think SOL > SUN > Daytime – they happen during the day when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, temporarily blocking out the Sun’s light. Also, they happen on New Moons. To identify New Moons on an astrology chart, look for when the Sun and the Moon meet in the same sign at the same degree.

This Solar Eclipse is called an Annular, meaning ring, Eclipse because we will see a “Ring of Fire” around the edge of the Moon hence the name.

You will be able to see it if you are in or close to its path shown in the image below. It will start in Oregon around 9am PST and make its way down to Southern Texas by 12pm CST. 

If you’re in Dallas, we will be finishing up a Dr. Joe Dispenza Walking Meditation at White Rock Lake just about the time it’s passing over us. It’s suppose to be a beautiful sunny morning, so join us if you are free! 

For Lunar Eclipses think Lunar > Moon > Night. They happen on Full Moons.

On an astrology chart you identify a Full Moon by finding when the Moon exactly opposes the Sun in the opposite sign. On October 28 the Sun will be in Scorpio so this Full Moon will be in Taurus.

To understand how a Lunar Eclipse works, visualize this setup for a moment – Sun, Earth, Moon with the Moon reflecting the light from the Sun making it big and bright. A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth briefly blocks out the light from the Sun making the Full Moon glow red. 

The Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In Astrology we observe the physical aspects of the planets to understand how they will affect us. The physical aspects then become symbols representing the different parts of our being. If you are a visual learner, use the symbols to memorize a planet or Zodiac sign’s traits and mirror the lessons into your life. 

Let’s explore the lessons from the visuals of an eclipse.

Light is temporarily dampened putting us in darkness. In spirituality, darkness represents chaos and going within to seek answers. So during an eclipse, chaos ensues momentarily. We go into the darkness and come out the other side with new information.

With the Lunar Eclipse the color red appears representing fire that burns away what is no loner needed. 

Astrologically, Eclipse Season represents a time period when the Universe picks up the world like a jar and shakes it causing lots of things to shift and potentially fall away.

I’m not going to lie, this is going to be an intense Eclipse Season globally. 

If you’re thinking, “Great! So how do I prepare?!”

My biggest piece of advice is Don’t Force Outcomes.

Let the Universe do the work. Whatever changes are meant to happen in your life WILL HAPPEN. Let them play out naturally. Don’t make any crazy, out of the blue moves.

With all the Virgo – which if you read my Newsletter yesterday you’ll know what I’m talking about – stay committed to your daily routine. Work your way down your to-do list.

Meditate More. Pray for Peace. The Higher Expression of Libra is Peace. Feeling emotionally balanced. Divine Justice – meaning let the Universe work out imbalanced karma for you. It ALWAYS does! It’s a universal law! 

When you are ready, read Part 3 for a play-by-play of October 14 through the 28th with dos and donts for Halloween Weekend.