Fall Eclipse Season Part 1 – Preparing for Eclipse Season

Oct 13, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Most friends and clients I’ve spoken with in the last week have felt a little on edge. Many are in “the space in between” where it feels like they are ready to move forward but don’t see an opportunity yet and don’t quite know what actions to take.

This is exactly how ultra-retrograde season feels!

It is not time yet to make any big, totally new moves like jumping ship on your job, randomly deciding to move across the country or permanently ending a long-term relationship, BUT we will start to feel some forward momentum this week as Pluto goes Direct and we enter into Eclipse Season.

If a big new opportunity comes your way, use Mercury in Libra to weigh out the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Venus is now out of Shadow and has moved into Virgo. Before Saturday reflect on what you learned during the Venus Retrograde in Leo (July & August) and what shifted in your life. You can check your chart for what House (area of life) aligns with Leo to see where those changes took place.

Learn How to Download Your Chart Here and Learn How to Identify Houses Here

Especially in regards to relationships –

Answers to questions about relationships or matters of the heart (Leo) like, “Should I stay or should I go? Is he committed?” should start to come through.

Virgo – aka staying committed to daily routines and mundane tasks – has been a huge theme in the past few months (Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Mars in Virgo, New Moon in Virgo). This week with Venus now in Virgo and the Moon in Virgo Wednesday and Thursday, working your way down your day-to-day checklist will pay off. Bonus points if you keep your desk clean!

Tuesday will feel like looking over the edge of a cliff when Pluto turns on at the very end of the day and Mars hangs at 29° Libra.

Thursday morning we should all wake up with a bit more fire power once Mars is in Scorpio!

If you are learning how to read charts, check out Wednesday’s chart below. Join my Free Guided Practice Session next Tuesday, October 17 online to learn and practice.

I gave you a lot to think about for the first half of this week, so when you are ready, read Part 2 to learn about Eclipses. 🌔

One last thing…

I don’t want to add any energy to the world political stage, but I’d like to point out that the moment Venus moved out of Shadow over the weekend, the Israel conflicted erupted.

This conflict is a prime example of an over-inflated, Mars Conjunct South Node in Libra world event. Combine that with Venus coming out of Shadow bringing to light what was shifting during its Retrograde and the Sun and Mercury in the same sign as the South Node Opposing the North Node with Chiron and… we have a giant mess. 

South Node conflicts don’t end well when approached with unconscious, destructive behavior. My recommendation is take a few minutes each day to do a Global Peace Meditation.

My personal favorite Peace Meditation is found HERE on Spotify.

May peace reverberate throughout the world. 🙏🏼🕊️