breathwork detox





Please bring: yoga mat, pillow, blanket, journal, pen, eye mask

We’ve all heard it:

“The issues are in our tissues.”

Our bodies are living libraries that keep score – they record and energetically imprint everything that happens to us throughout our lifetime. When these issues go unresolved, they cause pain and wreak havoc. These energetic blockages hinder our growth, drain our energy, give us brain fog, affect our physical and mental well-being, and can evolve into chronic illnesses. 

BREATHWORK DETOX is a highly effective and powerful tool for directly accessing these energetic imprints & our subconscious mind. “It’s like 20 years of therapy in 1 day without saying a word!”

By inducing a flow-state & purifying our energetic channels, you can release any stored negative memories, emotions, stagnant energy, and trauma that might be trapped in the body. Results are immediate and undeniable!

It’s time to flush it out and repattern our nervous systems. We need to LET GO to make room & access the joy, abundance, and manifestation powers within!

Cost for this Breathwork Detox workshop is $80/person. As always, members get 10% off!


1 ½ hours of Breathwork Detox
20 minutes of sound healing
10 minutes of journaling
10 minutes of Q & A


Certified Breathwork Detox Facilitator (Level I & II) 
Licensed Therapist (focused on using somatic/holistic techniques)
Psychotherapeutic & Trauma-Informed Yoga Clinician 
Certified and Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT) 
Certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Qi-Gong Training (Styles include Six Healing Sounds, 5 Animal Exercise, 5 Element)
Reiki Master Practitioner (Usui and Quantum styles)
Vibrational Sound Healing Practitioner


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