I stumbled upon my first yoga practice in 2006 while I was recovering from a running injury, never imagining that the yogic way would become an inseparable part of my life journey.

With a degree in Art, I started my career as a Fashion Designer and shortly after graduation moved to NYC to pursue my career. The buzz about yoga and all positive things related to it were just beginning to spread up there and studios were popping up through the city. However, I was consumed with my running habits and was not open to anything outside that. Until my body began to retaliate and a few years later after moving back to DFW, I was instructed by my doctor to take it easy….

Out of frustration, I decided to take a quick class at the closest studio to my work and that’s how it all began! Three months later I was on my way to become an Instructor just so I could share my new found way of life with others. I received my 200 RYT certificate in 2006 and taught a few classes until my life completely shifted from corporate world into this new amazing world that I had found.

During that time my life took a few unwanted turns and twists and if it wasn’t for my practice/ teaching I could not have emotionally survived the storm. My physical health began to improve as well as my spiritual being.

During this journey, even more than practicing yoga, I have cherished the opportunity to lead others through their practice and hope that they can find the internal fulfillment I found on the mat.

Throughout the years I have taken different workshops and attended trainings such as Dharma Mittra workshop. I have also had to take a few breaks due to surgeries and having a baby. Through it all I have had the joy of watching many of my students finding their way in the yoga world and advancing to become amazing instructors and inspiring leaders helping others including myself.

At last I have to add, the joy I feel helping my yogis find their way on their mat and the fulfillment after seeing their beautiful smiling faces at the end of the practice, leads me to truly believe that I have found my calling in this universe.