I found yoga back in 2004/2005, a time in my life where I had failed at marriage and relationships, and didn’t have a “real” job or career path, just making it day by day. My life had no direction, no purpose. The movement initially drew me to yoga. Since age 4, I have been a creature of movement of all kinds. Beginning in classical dance (Ballet, tap, jazz), gymnastics, modern dance, break dancing, Kung Fu, fitness competitions, half marathons, bodybuilding and then along came yoga.

Yoga brought me back to Me. I didn’t know I was disconnected until I found my first teacher, Chrystal Rae. Her words of love gave me a sense of belonging and worth in this world. Along with the Sadhana or spiritual offerings, the practice of yoga changed my life. I had found something I felt I was missing, very fulfilling. The more I practiced yoga,I knew the gift of yoga was something I wanted to share.

I became a teacher in 2008. Expanded my knowledge of yoga, under Ricky Tran, with a 300hr teacher training in the lineage of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and have continued studying Krishnamacharya’s lineage with A.G. Mohan and family with Pranayama and hopefully yoga therapy. The biggest gift I have found in yoga has been managing the mind and cultivating patterns of contentment, finding peace. Living in this world of constant distraction, We, as a people, need life tools to find space and calm in the mind when our world is not at peace.

The physical practice of yoga helps the body find balance (heal) from improper daily, movement and non-movement patterns. The breath practice helps the mind find peace and contentment. Both practices prepare the mind and body for what is to come, aging and beyond. This is what I offer to you.