Yoga has been a true gift that I am grateful to have received and continue to grow through, and most importantly, share with you.

A little about me…

My first yoga class in was in 1998 in the basement gym of a company in which I worked. At that time I was a runner and found that my running was enhanced on the days I would attend that class. I attended occasionally but was not consistent.

Over the years, I grew in my running and away from yoga. I ran multiple marathons and coached many through theirs. It was a passion for many years. Over time, the damage from running long distances took its toll and I shifted to more strength training with other forms of cardio or shorter distance runs. I still aimed to maintain a good “stretch” regimen and occasionally attended yoga classes.

2014 began my professional fitness journey. I was certified in personal training and group fitness to start. From there my passion for health and wellness grew and I obtained a PiYo certificate. I began instructing classes in group fitness, PiYo, mat Pilates and yoga, as well as personal training to individuals and groups. I eventually acquired certifications as a Health Coach and in Fitness Nutrition. This was all good and well, but something was still missing.

Throughout the years I attended various yoga classes. Once I experienced hot yoga, it became more of a passion, and I was driven to grow further in my journey. While I taught yoga through the years, I was still not officially certified. So, in 2020 I obtained my RYT200.

In the past I tended to turn to yoga as a physical subsidy to my other fitness regimens. Now I acknowledge yoga, not just as a physical practice, but as a mindful experience, an expression of the inner self, a primary part of life’s journey. The whole being: body, mind, and soul.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for health and wellbeing with so many. My goal is to provide a safe, mindful space for you to practice and provide an opportunity for true self-expression. I look forward to getting to know each of you and to walk alongside you on your journey.

You are a beautiful soul, and I am honored to share the gift of yoga with you.

In love and light,

~ Tanya Michel