In 2014, I earned my 200 hr yoga certification. The weekend before I started, I knew I was in the right place. The yoga teacher finished the class with a crystal bowl meditation. I found a feeling of deep peace in regards to losing my mother years prior. It was the first of many eureka moments. I’m so grateful for this practice that keeps me present and able to enjoy life in a new light.

Soon after, I became a mother myself and found the greatest joy in my life. I really got to embrace all the tools I’ve gathered and continued learning all I could. I became a reiki master and harnessed the power of sound. I am able to relax effortlessly to connect with clarity in my own life with sound healing instruments. I completed a Holographic Sound Healing certification class to explore sound multidimensionally. As I incorporated sound into my reiki sessions, I began to see how amazing these healing frequencies can help people heal, grow and evolve.

I intend to empower others through the power of sound. It has always given me insight into my own thoughts, helping me manage anxiety and focus on what truly matters in life. When you give yourself time to slow down, you can speed up more effectively with anything you’re inspired to accomplish.