My yoga journey and practice began in 2007. I was searching for something… anything… to distract me from my truth. Although I have a family that pours love and acceptance into me, I chose to listen to the world chatter that communicated you are not pretty enough, smart or good enough. Thus began a vicious cycle of trying to please others, conforming to what society saw as beautiful, attempting to maintain complete control and striving for perfection. In doing so I lived in fear, behind a mask with a wall around my true emotions. It resulted in an exhausting pace with self-driven expectations that resulted in a brief hospital stay and a diagnosis of anxiety and depression.
I attended a yoga class while in graduate school for my doctorate (still looking for worth by obtaining things) and thinking I’m okay with these “stretches” it feels good but then came savasana. While in savasana uncontrollable tears began to flow. I had no idea what was happening — it scared me. I jumped off my mat and left the studio with the intention of never returning again. However, the experience never left me and a few weeks later I found myself back on my mat. It was on my mat I discovered it was the only place I allowed myself to take a deep breath and quiet my mind, body, and soul. Yoga allowed a transformational shift in my lifestyle that supported a healthy mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing by combining eastern and western philosophies and wellness practices.
I moved to Texas in July of 2013 and found a yoga home. I was guided by outstanding individuals who introduced and taught me how to incorporate the eight limbs of yoga into my daily life. I began to work on myself by removing the mask and practicing acceptance of self with love, compassion and nonjudgment. My yoga and meditation practice has been a constant through my self- development journey. I have been teaching weekly yoga classes since 2018 when I obtained my 200 RYT certificate. I furthered my yoga training by receiving my 500 RYT and mindfulness certification.
I hope to see you on the mat so we may continue this journey together.
All my light, all my love and all my blessings,