I teach yoga because yoga is a gift and a gift is meant to be shared. The gift includes nurturing physical agility and mental confidence in my students and I am there to help them to reach their highest potential. 

Without caring, any asana means nothing. I care deeply about the wellbeing of my students first. In my class, we meet where we are without judgment.

I pay acute attention to all my students and assess how I may adjust the difficulty level of the class to make sure all feel welcome, while offering enough challenge for them to grow and go places that are possibly less comfortable yet needed. A growing process for all. Frequently, I offer hands-on adjustment on a need-base that helps students grow faster and go into their practice deeper.

My yoga journey, initially as a means to get back in shape after giving birth to my two children, has transformed my physical body and my outlook in life. I credit my yoga practice as the main tool that gave me the resilience and equanimity needed to navigate through the challenging times in my life.

I have been practicing yoga since 2007 and have received my 200 hr RYT in 2021 during the pandemic and will be getting my 500 hr RYT with Jonas Park and Paula Weithman at Second Side Yoga in May 2023. I have taught Advanced Vinyasa at Horizon Hot Yoga and Second Side Yoga in Dallas and hosted workshops and retreats between both studios.