I began my yoga practice in January 2011. After going through a divorce in 2010 and finding myself a single mom raising two small kids, I was lost. I didn’t know what I was looking for nor did I know how much yoga would give.  I took my first 200 hr RYT certification in 2017, my second in 2019 and completed 500hr RYT certification in 2021.

My Purpose

I teach to share the gift of connection and finding awareness that allows for union to your deepest self. Becoming aware allows for healing, acceptance, transformation and wholeness. It allows you to remember who you are at your authentic core and guides you to gratitude in mind, body, breath, and soul.

How I will share this with my students

My intention for my class will be to find moments of connection through movement that provide an intimate understanding for the body and an abundance of love for the self.

Why I return to my mat daily

Yoga showed me a path to myself, a place I’d only ever experienced in moments, only seeing fleeting glimpses of myself. Yoga showed me the places of pain, tension, darkness but also illuminated the strong light that lies within. Yoga taught me how to quiet my mind, so that in that quiet I could be free. Yoga is a love story, an adventure, a continual path and practice to healing, knowing, liberation and love.

Yoga is life, to me.