I came to yoga when I was looking for something to help with injuries I had acquired through different activities. I had been lifting mainly, playing different sports occasionally , and sometimes a yoga class.

I found an unlimited weekly special at a studio near my house and ended up going 14 times that week. After that I jumped in headfirst and started to see the benefits of yoga in other aspects of my life I would never have expected. From a health perspective my body started to recover, my allergies weren’t as severe, and surprisingly I felt even stronger than I had lifting all the time. I also started to realize benefits in my work life feeling calmer and more accepting of things that happen,.

The longer I have been practicing yoga my practice has evolved to focus more on personal breathing and using that within my daily life.   My Astana practice has developed and grown to have a focus towards inversions and hand balances. Yoga has helped me, and I hope to give that back through my teaching.