The first time I took a yoga class I was in college looking for a new workout routine. It was, quite frankly, boring and I did not go back.  In truth, I probably wasn’t ready for concepts like “going inward” or “breaking down your ego.”  “No pain, no gain” was what I was raised on and “finding stillness” was not for me yet.

Ten years passed and while working my corporate job, it seemed many people did yoga and to my surprise…they enjoyed it!  In 2015 I decided to try yoga again.  I took a class at the studio closest to me; at the time, proximity was my most important criteria.  It felt different.  It was challenging, but somehow I felt more energized at the end than when I arrived. I remember my mind was clear for the rest of the afternoon.  I wanted more of that feeling.  I canceled my gym membership that week.

One of my favorite parts of yoga is that it forces to you to be present.  The breath, the movements and the mantras all work together to help you appreciate what’s happening now. I started noticing small things that I really looked forward to in my practice – how deep I could make my inhales and exhales, how focused I could become, and how calm I felt.

Off the mat, I started seeing the spiritual sadhanas my daily life.  I found more joy in everyday moments. I started feeling grateful for what my body could do instead of focusing on what it looked like.  I found more love for myself.

In 2018, I chose to take my journey a step further and I completed my 200 RYT teacher training.  I love guiding others through playful and exploratory movements in a breath centered practice.  I hope to help others find gratitude for their everyday.  I hope to help others find joy in their journey inward.