tatra niratiśayaṁ sarvajña-bījam

TRANSLATION: In God, the seed of omniscience is at unsurpassable level. 

tatra = in there (special Being)

niratiśayaṁ = unsurpassed, ever superior

sarvajña= all knowing, omniscience

bījam = seed

This sutra is explains to us that the source of all omniscience, or omniscience beings, is īśvaraḥ. 

What is omniscience or an omniscience being? It is a state of knowing all there is. Some call beings like this clairvoyant. 

To explore this you may want to ask yourself if you ever had subtle helpful hints that provide insight or clarity, where do these hints come from? Might it be possible that there is an ever-present all-encompassing field where all aspects of life, in all times and places, exist as potential or as manifestation?

Patanjali explains that these individuals may be able to use the source of īśvaraḥ knowledge to tap into the super consciousness and express this knowledge if they so choose. 

This gives us a better understanding of īśvaraḥ. The last sutra explains that īśvaraḥ is a puruṣa that does not get affected by  kleśa, karma, vipākā (maturing of karmas). And know we are getting an understanding that omniscience comes from this īśvaraḥ, is a level up from the puruṣa that exists in all of us.