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Sutra 1.2 – Yogaschitta Vrtti Nirodhah


Chitta means mind.
Vrtti is fluctuations of the mind (our thoughts).
Nirodhah means stoppage.
Sutra 1.2 answers what the goal of yoga is…the question: What is yoga?

Yoga is the ability to fix your attention on an object for a sustained period of time without any distractions. In doing this, there is a pause in the fluctuations of thoughts. Just as if a lake was to calm its turbulent waters to clearly see the entirety of the lake, we too can see the the entirety of ourself, the true Self when the thoughts stop. In this, the meditator disappears and is merged with the object of which he/she is concentrating on…this is 𝑺𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒅𝒉𝒊, the goal of yoga.


To be able to sustain this type of focus, we can move beyond the personality that has been formed by past experiences. In doing this, we can let go of the past and see things with fresh eyes and with more clarity. This is seeing life through the eyes of the higher Self, the true Self.
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Ayako DeRuby

Ayako DeRuby


“Prior to my practice of Yoga & Meditation, I was often companioned by Anxiety, Insecurity and Fear. I would use all sorts of substances to give me a false sense of confidence, easy to blame people and situations for emotional disturbances, and felt like a hamster in a turning wheel with no real direction. Yoga & Meditation were the tools I used to face these narratives, helping me find my true self. As the dark night sky helps us see the light of the stars, I was able to now see the light of who I was against the dark narrative of this false self. My rock bottom became my springboard to my highest potential.

I believe that we all have been blessed to walk this earth to wake up to our true selves. We have the potential to reach for our dreams and to let go of the narrative that holds us back.. we all have a guru inside leading us to greatness. All we need to do is quiet the narrative long enough to hear and feel the light of pure awareness and pure love. This is what Yoga & Meditation can do for you.”