Yoga has been a part of my life ever since I remember. My mother was an Olympian and represented India at multiple Veteran Olympic Games. Yoga was a part of her training and recovery regime I was at a very impressionable age at the time. Imitating and following her footsteps was the most natural thing for me to do, and Yoga was a part of her training regime. Yoga was a very natural & habitual part of my growing up.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, which gave me a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Following that, I moved continents in 2012 and it wasn’t until 2015 that yoga found me again, this time not only as a student but as a teacher too. I got my 200 hour and 500-hour certifications that further allowed me to connect the dots between the Mind & Body. Yoga is a way of life for me and it is my mission to guide and empower oneself to feel nurtured, accepted, strong and safe through practice.

I look forward to guiding you through your own spiritual, emotional and physical journey on the mat. Sharing the knowledge, I have gained over the years, and helping you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for healing, one pose and one breath at a time.

Happy Holidays!

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