Masculine and Feminine Yoga Workshop

A Yoga Workshop by Golbahar Dadyan-Kraichley

July 23,2022 at 1pm


Join us at The Alchemy Yoga for a special yoga workshop with Golbahar Dadyan-Kraichley. Golbahar is trained in Sanskrit, Sutra, classical Ashtanga, Kundalini and Bikram Yoga.  She has 500 hr RYT at Sunstone Yoga and 300 hr RYT at Elemental Yoga.

Golbahar Dadyan - Kraichely

This yoga workshop is in two parts to experience the divinity of the masculine and feminine energy. 

The Practice:

1. Open with a Simple Breath Practice ( 5 mins) ( Single Nostril Breathing
2. Guide them through an intention setting for their Practice ( 3- 4 mins)
3. Vinyasa Flow ( Tapping into the Tribal Divine Feminine Energy) 45 mins
4. Savanna & Guided Meditation ( 5 mins)

The Ecstasy of Co-Creation

1. What is Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energy
2. Experience of connecting with both energies and internally defining them (Experiential )
3. How to Do the Dance & Experience Joy in it
4. How to connect with the Divine through the experience of defining & identifying with these energies
5. How to create fulfillment, happiness, a healthy romantic partnership, health, spiritual growth & wealth
6. Inner Reflection Exercises