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Please join The Alchemy Yoga for the next level of your Reiki journey – and learn methods to help others heal their minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits.

In Reiki 2 we learn to be channels for Spirit and to bring forth that Light for others. Our vessels become stronger and are able to hold an incredible amount of frequency to offer our world, in one way or another.


We explore and learn:

  • Three Reiki Symbols
  • How to send long distance Reiki – across space and time!
  • Specific healing for the mental and emotional bodies
  • Reiki for animals
  • How to give a session to others
  • The business side of Reiki and energy healing
  • Using additional tools along with your Reiki sessions (crystals, essential oils, singing bowls, etc.)
  • Doing healing work as an empath
  • Japanese healing techniques
  • Reiki as multidimensional beings


This class is perfect for those who:

  • Feel called to the path of the healer
  • Love animals and would like to work with them on another level
  • Wish to offer the Earth, in all her many manifestations, healing energy
  • Would like to develop a deeper spiritual practice
  • Work with children and babies
  • Are parents and would love to bring a greater balance to their household
  • Desire to be a Reiki teacher one day

Please note that Reiki Level 1 is a required prerequisite for this certification course.

As reflective prep work is required, registration will close on Sunday June 16th.

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Foundations of Ayurveda




Join us for...

A Conversation with Your Soul - Viewing Life from Your Soul’s Perspective

An Introduction to Human Design and Astrology

Have you ever wished you could zoom out to see life from your Soul’s perspective?
To ask your Soul…
How did I get here? (For better or for worse)
Am I on track?
What am I missing?
You can using astrology and Human Design!
We use astrology and Human Design as reflective and introspective tools to see what parts of our personality are serving our goals and what parts may be competing or hindering our growth.
These tools also show us seasons of life that are optimal for certain events and opportunities. 
In this workshop we will explore how to use Astrology and Human Design to reflect on and uncover deeper layers of self, return to self in times of transition or distress, and manifest your heart’s desires. 
Once you sign up for the workshop, you will be sent instructions on how to download your natal birth chart to bring with you and use at the workshop.


Kelly Kasle helps people navigate big life transitions and find their purpose using Astrology, Human Design and Meditation. 

Kelly discovered the power and wisdom of Astrology by using it to get through a huge life transition in September of 2020. Overnight, her whole life turned upside down with the unexpected passing of her father and COVID work mandates. Astrology helped her understand why this huge turning point happened and how to move through it with grace. 

While doing readings for friends for fun, she saw how many people were dealing with similar situations and realized her skills and wisdom as an Astrologer were more needed at this time in history than her musical talent. Prior to COVID she was based in Los Angeles and had a thriving career as a professional bassoonist, music educator and event producer. 

Big career transitions can be tough, but becoming a professional astrologer was fairly easy because she was already providing guidance and counseling to her artist clientele as a consultant and 11-18 yr old music students. In addition to all that astrology offers, her counseling is supported by her wisdom on universal spiritual principles, wholistic health, neuroscience, quantum physics and the habits of high achievers.

Find peace, happiness and fulfillment by being in tune with your soul. Your Natal Birth Chart (aka your Soul Blueprint) holds the keys and guidance to all of your questions.

Connect, book a reading and find Kelly's latest courses and events at