reiki healing level 1

The Alchemy Yoga is excited to offer

Awaken the Healer Within: Reiki Healing – Level 1

with Reiki Master Elizabeth Beaudry

The Alchemy Yoga is excited to bring this new modality of healing into our space. It is a beautiful compliment to the practice of yoga, meditation, and sound healing. As we go deeper into awareness through the body, mind, and now energy with reiki, we can understand what we holistically need for our healing and overall wellbeing.

What makes Elizabeth’s workshops exceptional is her mentorship both before and after class.

    Location: The Alchemy Yoga

    Investment: $255

    Early Bird Pricing: $222 through April 1

    Registration ends April 15.

    This reiki healing class is perfect for:

    • Those who would love to learn skills to help themselves heal from acute or chronic conditions
    • Those who are interested in becoming more empowered in their own wellness
    • Those who would love to develop a deeper understanding of the energy within us and around us
    • Those who feel called to begin their journey as a healer

    In this class you will:

    • Receive a Reiki Healing 1 Manual
    • Receive a Reiki Book
    • Receive 2 Attunements (to begin to channel the Reiki energy)
    • Learn the History of Reiki
    • Learn the Reiki Precept
    • Meditate and Explore the Concept of Self Love
    • Practice Self Reiki
    • Receive Mentorship Before and After the Class

    About Elizabeth:

    CMT (Virginia) – Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher 

    Namaste Spirit

    Elizabeth has been sensing energy from the time she was born.  This led her to be curious about the subtle aspects of life.  When she was in high school, instead of playing sports, she practiced Tai Chi with Elders at the YMCA.  She immediately felt at home in that world, as it gave validation to the energies she felt within her body, in her surroundings and in interactions with others.  After exploring holistic medicine in many forms, Elizabeth first learned Reiki in 2008, becoming a Master Teacher in 2012. Channeling energy felt like a deep form of remembrance.   

    Now, in her private practice, she uses her gifts of sensitivity to help others tap into their own inner healing abilities (which we all have)!  Her goal is to give others the tools they can use between sessions, to further their own evolution.  Both her sessions and classes share how to develop energetic awareness, find stillness and peace, bring a sense of balance, learn the art of releasing, and connect with something greater than ourselves.   

    As time has gone on, her healing offerings have evolved to include a unique blend of channeled healing energies, as well as healing with her breath, voice, drums, oils, guided visions, and meditations, amongst others.  She loves working with Highly Sensitive Persons, as well as those committed to their own path of personal growth.

    Elizabeth has a passion for being a bridge between this world and the non-visible world.  She is so honored to be a space holder for her clients and students – as well as for The Alchemy Yoga community.  She is so grateful to be invited to share this journey with you!

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