My yoga journey began in January of 2014. I was recovering from an injury which had left me unable to keep up my normal, cardio-based workouts. I knew I liked yoga from the times I tried it, but. I was skeptical that I could get an intense enough workout from yoga alone to maintain the physical shape I had been in prior to my injury. At the time, I thought of yoga as something to aid in my recovery or an addition to my regular workouts, but nothing more.

It only took one class to realize that the intensity of the workout would not be an issue, but it took a few weeks for me to realize that yoga would give me much more than I would ever find on an elliptical machine. I fell in love with the calm relaxed feeling that would come over me as I worked through flows, connecting breath and movement. I noticed my stress levels and anxiety started to drop. I noticed that I was more present in my daily activities, and I could feel myself growing stronger and more flexible with every practice.

About a month after my first class, I quit going to the gym. Within a few more months, I knew that not only had I found a new physical regimen, but also a lifestyle shift that supported my mental and spiritual well-being. Experiencing this shift wasn’t enough. I felt compelled to share it with others, so in June of 2016 I received my RYT200 certification and have been teaching weekly classes since. I’m currently completing my 500-hour certification with Uptown Yoga in Dallas. I’ve already seen a difference in how this study has impacted my classes and I’m excited to see my practice and teaching continue to grow.

As an instructor, I aim to challenge and inspire my students to try something new, while creating a fun and encouraging atmosphere. My love for the practice of yoga is only eclipsed by the joy I receive while sharing it with others. I am thrilled to be joining the Alchemy Yoga team so I can share this gift with a new community of students.