Prior to my practice of yoga and meditation, I was in a constant state of anxiety, insecurity, and fear. I would use all sorts of substances to give me a false sense of confidence, I would blame people and situations for my short comings. Yoga and meditation were the tools that I used to face these narratives and to begin the journey of discovering my true Self. As we need the dark to see the light of the stars, I was able to now the light of who I Am against the dark narrative of this false self. My rock bottom became my springboard to my highest potential With practicing yoga since 2008, becoming an instructor in 2012, and going on yearly Vipassana meditation retreats since 2014, I was able to use these tools in other areas of my life.

These tools have helped me see the noble purpose behind divorce and cancer. I even experimented to see if I can stay equanimous while training and competing in the Ironman 70.3. It has been truly amazing to see how these ancient practices can be used in modern times to greet challenges with grace, compassion, and love. I believe we all have been blessed to walk this earth to wake up to our true selves. We all have the potential to reach our dreams, to let go of the narrative that holds us back, and to connect with the guru within.